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Need a front office for an organization whose presence is mostly virtual. We add a personal touch to your on-line association. Your members will welcome an opportunity to have their questions



We help manage your on-line site as well. 

Updating announcements on your website, sending notices to members and prospects about up-coming events are just some of the ways we can work with you.


Making sure your events get promoted and keeping your brand vibrant is also part of our mission. 

Small businesses can rely on us to articulate and communicate their message as well as help them manage their databases. We can write copy, and send out information to spread the word to customers and constituencies.    


You may see recommendations and a dossier of service upon request.  Also visit our LNKD pages to see our endorsements:

Burt Beck   or  Tamara Beck

Tamara Beck and Burt Beck, professional administrators for volunteer-led groups, are available to serve your association. We tailor our service to your needs.


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We offer assistance to boards, volunteer leaders, and membership

Experience is an advantage you cannot devalue! ®

Our 30-plus years serving as administrators for organizations of all sizes and stripes is at your disposal.


Contact Burt Beck or Tamara Beck to learn more.